Brigid's Hearth

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Margie McArthur

My Catholic upbringing did not manage to keep me from the study of metaphysics, which I began at an early age, delving into studies ranging from ghosts to reincarnation, and from Atlantis to mystical Christianity. A  Priestess of the Old Religion for over 30 years, I am also a Druid, an ordained minister, a Reiki practitioner, and am certified in crystal healing,  acupressure and herbalism. Under the auspices of the Fellowship of Isis, I maintain the Hearth of Brigid Star of the Sea, and serve as ArchDruidess for our Druid Clan of Dana grove. In years past, I served on the staff of both the old Crystal Well Magazine in the mid 1970's, and Dragons' Quest Magazine in the early 1990's. Figuring out creative ways to share my Pagan Spirituality with my children finally led me to the writing of WiccaCraft for Families: The Path of the Hearthfire, which was published in 1994.  My second book, Wisdom of the Elements: The Sacred Wheel of Earth, Air, Fire and Water came out in 1998, and my third, Faery Healing: The Lore and the Legacy, in 2003 (Please visit my website: As of 2014, I have a new book out, Lady of the Sea: The Goddess Who Births the New Age.

I reside in California along with my very patient husband. My four gorgeous, opinionated children - now all adults - live nearby. In my not-so-copious spare time, I love to read, sing, bake, sew, crochet, and concoct herbal medicines.